Born on 23. April 2014

10 puppies - 4 boys & 6 girls - 9 correct ridge and 1 ridge with an extra crown (boy). 1 girl with a kink. No DS or excessive white.

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Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's Gahsan



Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Himalaya

Danish Champion - DKCH

Candidate to German Champion


Sire: INTCH BECH IECH GBCH Walamadengie Awesome (Scotland)

 Dam:  DKCH KLBCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia               (USA)




Sire: INTCH NORDV10+11 BISS-08 RuBISS-10 NCH SCH DKCH LACH ESTCH NORDCH NORDW-08 FINW-08 Kangelani's Gentle Thanzi By Clay (Norway)

 Dam: Ikunga Akua Najah Nnenia

Born: 24. March 2009

Born: 01. May 2010

 Height: 70 cm  Height: 64 cm
 Height: 43 kg Weight: 34,5 kgs
HD: A - Elbows 0 - Shoulder FREE (OCD) HD: A - Elbows 0
Colour: Red wheaten Colour: Wheaten
Teeth: Full scissor bite Teeth. Full scissor bite
Breeder: Kennel KINYEMI Breeder: Kennel KINYEMI
Owner: Kennel KINYEMI Owner: Kennel KINYEMI
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