NEWS 2012

18 November 2012

Fantastic show day at the RRCD Hanse Club show, in Heidenau, Germany. Judge Lisbeth Mach, CH. Breed entry 80


(best Ch. bitch with CAC and best bitch with club CAC)

Ch. Rex Ventors Talulah K

Best open bitch (out of 18 ..) with CAC (her 3rd from 3 shows in Germany !!) and 2nd best bitch (after Talulah) with Reserve club CAC:

Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Himalaya

Very promising 2 (out of 5) in Puppy class:

Red Hot Line Flaming Star Sevilla.

Proudly presenting our latest addition to the Kinyemi pack

all the way from Ukraine:


Thank you to breeder Tatiana Volkova for trusting us with

this little red sweetheart :-)

A bit delayed ... we have had her for some time .


01. October 2012

Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Hasmina

Came back clear on hips on elbows: A/B + 0

Congratulations to owner Merete Andreasen

01. September 2012

Indiana BISS puppy at the Czech Speciality

Judges from South Africa: van Aken & Megginson

Congratulations Iveta and well done Tereza


01. September 2012

Danish Speciality. Judge Dr. Peper

DKCH Rex Ventors Talulah K

Best Ch. bitch - Best bitch - BOS & Best gait.

 and ... NEW TITLE: Danish Club Champion

Himalaya 2nd in Open class with CQ - Fabiola 6th in Ch. class bicthes

Indiya 3rd in puppy class bitches and little Inubia didn want to show her teeth ...


Kinyemi at Inkiru Valley´s Indiana

Our Czech princess BEST IN SHOW 3 baby

at CAC show in Klatovy, Czech Republic

Handling Katerina Kratochvílová. Congratulations Iveta


Danish Kennel Club National show in Aalborg

27 May 2012

Izaan BOB baby & BEST IN SHOW baby all breeds 

& Inubia BOS baby

Himalaya Best open bitch with CK and 5th best bitch with CAC JUBII..............

RV Talulah K 2nd in CH. class bitches with CK and 3rd best bitch

Fabiola 3rd in Ch. class bitches

Spring Valley's Athena Olympia 2nd in Vet. class bitches with CK and 4th best bitch - first time in Vet class and 14 weeks after giving birth to her 3rd litter of 11 wonderful puppies - i.e Izaan & Inubia

HAPPY & PROUD breeder/owner of these amazing dogs. Thank you to my wonderful co-owners and handlers :-)


Izaan stacked in front of the judge

Ballerup 16 June 2012

The babies: BOB baby Kinyemi At Inkiru Valleys Inubia & BOS baby brother Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Izaan .Sister Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Indiya VP but unplaced.

Fabiola 4th best Ch. bitch

Himalaya 4th best opne bitch with CQ

Talulah Excennelt unplaced


Gahsan proudly presenting his 7 little wonders from Czech Rep.

8 May 2012

Babies are supervised by Gahsans half sister Indiana.

More info at kennel Slunce Zivota - click here

06 May 2012

Danish Kennel Club show in Roskilde

Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Himalaya: WINNER of open class with EXC + CK

DKCH Rex Ventors Talulah K: EXC 3

DKCH KBHV-10 Kinyemi Luka Fabiola: EXC unplaced in Ch class bitches

03 May 2012


litter is being planned, and due in the fall. Stay tuned.


01 May 2012

Happy 2nd birthday to the wonderful H-litter

Hope you have had a nice day with lots of kiss and treats.

New happy owners of our stunning I-babies:

Kinyemi Ai Inkiru Valley's Inubia & Izaan will remain co-owned by kennel KINYEMI


Sonnet & Ian Mckinnon, USA with

Kinyemi I'm Sprngvlly's Icon & Ivanna

Simon Gleie with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Insuli


Flemming Ørnø, Helle Cornelius-Knudsen & Ny with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Indiya


Jesper Brandt with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Ibbie


Nanna Svendsen & Ulrik Drachman with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Inubia

(who will remain co-owned)


I-litter is here

Vi har hvalpe - 4 hanner & 7 tæver - følg updates på bloggen - klik her

We have puppies -  4 males & 7 females - follow the updates  on the blog - click here

Enoy pictures from Athenas first 2 litters - F & G litters. Click on the pictures


30 March 2012

Eating outside on the last sunny day perhaps ..

24 February 2012

Ms. Lillac

19 February 2012

Ms. Light red - correct livernose girl


04 February 2012

Hvalpe i næste uge / Puppies next week

More info - click here / mere information - klik her

The coat can hardly cover Athenas big belly.

10. January 2012

Athena er scannet og vi venter hvalpe i uge 6.

Ultrasound shows that Athena is in whelp and puppies expected in week 6

More info - click here / mere information - klik her



































































24. September 2012

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Insuli (mr. light lillac)

Has moved to Jette Rye & RV Gabon. Wish him a

happy life with his new family.

4 + 5 August 2012

International & National show in Bremen, Germany

What an amazing week-end

Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Himalaya won open class both days with CAC ( 11 + 9 in her classes).

Kinyemi Luka Fabiola won Ch. class bitches on Sunday with CAC and Club CAC and ended up as best bitch. Rex Ventors Talulah K placed 2nd on Saturday with CAC + Club CAC.

Wonderful DKCH FINCH Zindika My African Zindiko was BOB both days + BIG 2 on Saturday. Tycho received his final CACIB for his International Ch. title. Congratulations Caroline, Bart & Lucas.

Bornholm 01. July 2012

Danish Kennel Clubs International show in Rønne 01 July 2012

Our beautiful dogs did well :-D

Best of breed + BIG 2 : Ch. Rex Ventors Talulah K

BOB baby: Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Izaan

Best open bitch + best bitch 4 with Re-CAC: Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Himalaya

3rd best Ch. Bitch with CQ: Ch. KBHV10 Kinyemi Luka Fabiola

USA news:

Stunning Kinyemi I'm Sprngvlly's Icon gating in the US, Owner Ian & Sonnet Mckinnon. Icon just under 5 months old.


Izaan BIS baby

Izaan gaiting

Inubia gaiting


Ballerup 17 June 2012

The babies: BOS baby Izaan and Indiya 2nd with VP. Sister Inubia placed 3rd today

Fabiola 2nd best bitch with RE-cacib

Himlalaya 4th best open bitch

Talulah Excellent unplaced

17 May 2012

Izaan attended his first unofficial Kennel Club show at Bakken

Proudly handled by me :-D. 3 ridgebacks entered and Izaan gained Very Promising, best baby and ended up as Best male & BOS. BOB 12 months old. In the main ring he behaved SO well, despite being in the middle of a big amusement park with screeming kids all over. 20 babies entered but he did not place. Well done baby Izaan just under 14 weeks of age.

05 May 2012

Danish Kennel Club show in Roskilde

Kinyemi Nianzi Hunting Himalaya: EXC 3 with CK in open class bitches

DKCH Rex Ventors Talulah K: EXC 2 with CK - Best bitch, Re-cacib in Ch. class bitches

DKCH KBHV-10 Kinyemi Luka Fabiola: EXC unplaced in Ch class bitches


Our sweet and loveable Gahsan will sire a litter in Czech Republic and pups due

around May 10th. More information and contact in CZ - click here

If you are interested in a puppy from this combination,

you can contact me on phone: 2539 6026


Happy 13th birthday to our A-litter, and those

who are still with us: A'Xola - A'Jabari - A'Kanyezi

Hope your families have given you extra kisses today.

Thinking of those who have left us and whom we still miss

Anzika and the A-babies many happy years ago

Bo Jessen & Nicki Næsted with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Inuru

Iveta Klapova, Czech Republic

 with Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Indiana


Hanne & John Caspersen with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Idella

Leise Pedersen & Bjarne Bjarnhof Kristensen with

Kinyemi At Inkiru Valley's Iluna



The boys: Icon - Inuru - Izaan & Insuli

The girls: Ivanna -  Inubia -  Indiana - Iluna - Ibbie - Idella - Indiya.

26 March 2012

Tired puppies after a loooooooooooooong week-end

18 March 2012

New individual pictures in our blogg

Mr. Yellow with dots

12 March 2012


28 February 2012

26 February 2012

Puppy love :-) ...... Helene with Ms. Light red

21 February 2012

Pups are eating and Athena is cleaning

11 February 2012

I-litter is here

Hvalpene er født / puppies are born

Følg os på bloggen - klik her (blog in Danish only)

Bliver opdateret når vi har fået lidt søvn :-)

In total 11 puppies - 4 males and 7 females (3 liver - jibii .....)

All correct, but 1 liver girl with a kink and 1 black girl with an extra crown

We are happy and tired