NEWS 2009


Next litter planned. Mating January 2010


19 November 2009 


Nia will be mated to

IECH BECH INTCH GBCH Walamadengie Awesome

from Scotland in January 2010

more info - click here

Gordon & Awesome


7+8 November 2009 

DKK double International show in Herning.

2 x BOB puppy to Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Ahsan

7 Nov: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi best veteran AND 2nd best male at the age of 10,5 !!

Ch. Spring Valley's Athena Olympia EXC 2 in Ch. Class and 3rd best bitch with CACIB

Ch. Kushika Tanami Moya VG in Ch. Class as most bicthes in Ch class that day :-(

08 Nov: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi best veteran

Ch. Kushika Tanami Moya EXC 3 in Ch. class

Ch. Spring Valley's Athena Olympia EXC unplaced.

Our stunning Gazella - Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's Gazella received a "promising" both days

as she still doesnt think the judge should see her teeth ...


05 November 2009 

Congratulations to Ulf & Helene at kennel Ghali in Sweden for the

excellent x-ray result of their B-litter sired by Kinyemi Fora C'Huluku

  Svch Ghali Golden Blue Bell   HD A/A ED 0
 Svch Ghali Golden Bontell      HD A/A ED 0
 Svch Ghali Golden Bartess       HD A/B ED 0
  Ghali Golden Brunette           HD A/B ED 0
 Ghali Golden Belamie              HD A/A ED 0

Now we just need the result from the last dog Nessie

Also congratulations to the owners of these beautiful ridgebacks :-)


04 November 2009 

Kinyemi Anzi B'Okoka "Koka" and the rest of the

KINYEMI family wish the B-litter a happy 8th birthday


20 October 2009 

Happy 5th birthday to DKCH Kushika Tanami Moya


18 October 2009 

Danish RR club show in St. Merløse. Judge Christian Jouanchicot, F

Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Ahsan BOS puppy 7 months old


Rex Ventors Talulah K SL2 in baby class bitches

Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's Gazella SL4 puppy class bitch

Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Anaya SL5 puppy class bitch

Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi EXC 2 open class males

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzia A'Bhubesi BEST VETERAN and BM 4

CH. Spring Valley's Athena Olympia Best championbitch and BB 4

CH. Kushika Tanami Moya Best champion bitch 2


11 October 2009 

WDS SPECIALTY SHOW 2009 - Slovakia

Breed entry 198

FINCH Malozi Jazua 1/19 EXC with CAC

and BOS !!!!

again .. NLCH DEVDHCH Malozi Jamboni Best head


10 October 2009 

SKCHR CLUB SHOW 2009 - Slovakia

Breed entry 199

FINCH Malozi Jazua 1/25 EXC with CAC

NLCH DEVDHCH Malozi Jamboni Best head


03 October 2009 

Kinyemi Fora C'Hulukus daugther FINCH Malozi Jazua from Finland was

BISS  - Best In Show Speciality at the Dutch

Speciality today with a breed entry of 160!

Congratulations to breeder Tuija at kennel Malozi and Jasus owner Saila.


26 September 2009 

Double Kennel show in Brøndby 19 September - Breed entry 45 and 20 September - breed entry 47.

19/9: Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi EXC 2 in open class dogs perfectly handled by Heidi Nielsen -  thanks  - 20/9:  EXC 4 - handled by me :-)

19+20/9: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi Best veteran

19/9:  DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia EXC 2 in Ch. class bitches - 20/9: EXC 4

19/9: DKCH Kushika Tanami Moya EXC 4 in Ch. class bitches -  20/9: EXC 3


- pictures to follow


14 September 2009 

Rex Ventors Talulah K - 15 weeks old


Click on banner to get to Carolines new website made by me


13 September 2009 

The 7th F-pup out of the Luku x Athena litter has been x-rayed on hips and elbows.

.. and as his other siblings with the same super result

HD: A - ED: 0

Kinyemi Luka F'Uxolo

Congratulations to Nanna & Christian



06 September 2009 

A'Foras beautiful daughter Carmen - 6.5 years old


02 September 2009 

Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya has been confirmed in whelp today.

E'Kimya has been mated to  

NOCH DKCH SECH NORDCH ESTCH LVCH FINV-08 NORDV-08 Kangelanis Gentle Thanzi by Clay

from Norway.

Contact Caroline Larsen from Kennel Zindika for more information

E-mail: or mobile +45 22 74 01 48


31 August 2009 

G'Ahsan just 5 months old BOS baby at the Danish Speciality

and .... also awarded BEST RIDGE

A'Xola 4th best bitch from veteran class 10,5 years old !



30 August 2009 

Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi "Kibo" with handler Heidi Nielsen


23 August 2009 

Stunning Kibo - Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi, 2 years old. HD-AA-OCD free


 ... and introducing the latest family member

Rex Ventors Talulah K

12 weeks old

© Heidi Nielsen


23 August 2009 

Congratulations to another champion offspring from Luku

Rex Ventors Orlando "Viggo" who became 3rd

best dog last week-end and received his final CC for


Congratulation to Breeder Veronica & Viggos owner Christer


15 August 2009 

At DKK's International show in Hillerød:

Breed entry 48. Judge Andrzej Kazmierski, PL

BIS VETERAN  Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi at the age of 10

DKCH Kushika Tanami Moya best champion bitch and 3rd best bitch

DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia EXC but unplaced in Ch. class bitches


Moya - © Benny Fischer


13 August 2009 

Kinyemi Luka F'Abiola & Kinyemi Koka E'Kani

Have been x-rayed FREE on hips and elbows

HD: A  - ED: 0

Congratulations !


12 August 2009 

Lukus kids at Ghali just 15 months old have been doing very well

in fieldtracking:

Ghali Golden Bartess & Ghali Golden Bluebell both SWEDISH FIELD CHAMPIONS

Ghali Golden Bontell & Ghali Golden Brunette both have 2 x 1 prizes in open class, and

only need one more 1. prize before the SvCh title.

Congratulations and well done to you all

Beautiful Brunette ©kennel Ghali 





06 August 2009 

Went to the beautiful Faxe Kalkbrud for the first time

(sorry dont have a translation) today

with Nia & G'Ahsan. Forgot to bring doggie treats. It's a beautiful location for

photographing the dogs. Tried to stack G'Ahsan without any trets.

G'Ahsan 4 months old with lots of legs :-)


22 July 2009 

Our pack wishing you a nice summer

Front: G'Ahsan (17 weeks) - C'Ubia (6) - Anzika (13 1/2). Back: Moya (4) - Suli (6) -  Kiana (3) - Nia (4)


15 July 2009 

Sweet Gazella & dad Awesome. Daddys look-a-like ?

Gazella 16 weeks


05 July 2009 

National Kennel Club show on the Island of Bornholm.

The weather was extremely hot, and very unpleasant for dogs and human, but we managed

to do very well anyway. It was a long day on the road and ferry. Arrived back home after 18 hours.


Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzia A'Bhubesi BOB & BIG 3 (at the age of 10 !!)


Kinyemi Luka F'Abiola BOS with CAC from open class (Athena daughter)


Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Ahsan BOB baby (Athena son)


Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's Gazella BOS baby (Athena daugther)


DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia EXC 2 in Ch. class and BB3


DKCH Kushika Tanami Moya EXC 3 in CH class


Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya VG3 in open class

Judge Ann Carlstroem, Sweden.


BOB & BOS - Buksie - F'Abiola


Baby G'Ahsan taking his 2nd BOB baby placement in a row


27 June 2009 

Super show debut for the G babies today. At the inofficiel kennel club show in Vordingborg

G'Ahsan was BOB baby - Gazella BOS baby and sis G'Anaya 2nd in bb cl.

All received Very Promising. Judge was Erling Kjær Pedersen who is licenced for ridgebacks.

Stunning G'Anaya


The Danish Ridgebackclub has endend the showyear 2008/2009 (1/1-08 - 31/5-09)


DKCH Kushika Tanami Moya - Best open class bitch 2008/2009


Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi "Kibo" - Best junior male 2008/2009


Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi - Best Veteran male 2008/2009

Moya became DKCH back in January, but managed to hold the open class title. Well done Moysen.

Congratulations to dogs and owners. Well done!


11 June 2009 

Another F-pup has been x-rayed on hips and elbows

Kinyemi Luka F'Askofu "Shango"

HD: A - ED: 0

Congratulatulations to Shangos owners Eva & Stephan


09 June 2009 

A busy and successful week-end for the grandkids (this time Lukus kids):

In Sweden  - Swedish tracking champion - SvCH Rev Ventors Octane "Diesel"

Congratulations Frida & Veronica


In Finland - going BOS at all breed show and new Finnish and Estonian champion

FINCH ESTCH Harjasalan Oljenkorsi BH "Zico"

Congratulations Sanna & Sanna


In Tallinn, Estonia - BOB - BIG - Estonian Winner 2009 and qualified to Cruft 2010

Malozi Jumoke "Jumo"

Unfortunately Jumo and Noora couldnt stay for the BIS final

Congratulations Tuija & Noora


06 June 2009 

Kinyemi Luka F'Aminah "Blixa" with her new baby brother Vincent

Thank you Jennie for the picture


04 June 2009 

News from the grandkids ... This time Lukus kids

Junior World Winner 2009 Rex Ventots Opal BOB in Norway and


Congratulations Ulrika & Veronica

Sweet Opal - © Amarachi ridgebacks, Sweden

At the same time 3 siblings at Kennel Ghali, Sweden (also from Luku)

Ghali Golden Blue Bell " Safir ", and her sister Ghali Golden Belamie " Millie " and their
 brother Ghali Golden Bontell " Saros "

 passed the aptitude test

in fieldtracking.

Congratulation to owners and Helene & Ulf for this achivement


Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Ahsan

10 weeks old



31 May 2009 

Happy 2nd birthday

Fuxolo - Filiki - Flora - Farif - Faminah - Fiona - Fabiola - Futhando - Funika - Futenzi - Faskofu



28 May 2009 

G'Ahsan & Gazella taking an afternoon nap on the sofa


25 May 2009 

Sweet G'Ahsan & Gazella. G'Ahsan is still looking for the right home


23- 24 May 2009 

Grandslam for some of the C-litter's progeny

3 Champions over week-end

24 May at the Swedish speciality on the West coast. Lukus daugther

Rex Ventors Okalani

 just 2 years and 1 day (must be 2 years for the title)


Judge Anette Edlander. Breed entry 71.

BOB: SCH BISS RV Okalani & Kibibis dad BOS: CH WW08 Emoyenis Grand Zuberi "Lex"

Congratulations Veronica & Jazz

Lani with all her rossettes


On 23. May in Oldenburg, Germany -  Lukus son

NLJCH NLCH BISS Belgian Junior Winner 2007

Malozi Jamboni "Kani"

was best champion with CAC, CLUB CAC and CACIB and ..


Judge Ursula Ralfe, South Africa. Breed entry 44

Congratulations Tuija & Ilse


Also on 23. May in Sweden

Congratulations to Kennel Ikunga's & Kinyemi Fora C'Ikunga's (Kimbas)

first champion (tracking)

SvCh Ikunga Kibibi By Lex

Well done Marilin & Kibibi. BIG congratulations to you too :-)


19 May 2009 

Bon voyage  G'Anaya

Christian, Nanna and G'Anaya


18 May 2009 

 G'Anaya, G'Ahsan & Gazella


13 May 2009 

3 years old male is looking for a new family due

to change in family situation. Read what dad Erik has to say about his best friend (in danish) - click here



14 May 2009 

G'Ahsan, Gazella & G'Anaya

had their puppy test done today and did an excellent test.

All curious, happy outgoing pups. No fear to new things or sound.

Good puppies :-)


13 May 2009 

Happy 3rd birthday to the D-litter


10 May 2009 

New stacked pictures. 7 weeks (minus 2 days ..)

Pictures of ridge below.

Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's Gazella

- latest addition to the Kinyemi family

Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Ahsan

 (still available to show home - co-ownership an option)

Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Anaya

Will live her life with Nanna & Christian and halfbrother F'Uxolo "Xolo"


Gazella - G'Ahsan - G'Anaya


10 May 2009 

At Danish Kennel Clubs Int. show in Ålborg, DK  on May 3rd

Moya was Best bitch 3.


More results from the same show:

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi - BIS 4 veteran

Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi - G in intermediate class

Kinyemi Luka F'Abiola - EXC 2 in intermediate class

Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya - VG 4 in open class

Congratulations to all!


09 May 2009 

The Danish RR club held mentality test today. 3 Kinyemi dogs attended:

Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya

Kinyemi Luka F'Abiola

Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi "Kibo"

They did an excellent test and are all 3 gun shot proofed.

Congratulations Caroline & Svend Erik


Congratulations to Athena who celebrated her 5th birthday on May 3rd with her 3 pups


04 May 2009 

Lots of new updates soon including puppy album 6 weeks, and showresults.

A few more pictures can be found here


6 weeks stack - liverpate is a bit too exciting ...

Boy - G'Ahsan (who is turning his front a bit - will take a new picture soon)

Girl 1

Girl 2


G'Anya & Gazella



29 April 2009

From the Luku x Iyliez litter in Sweden

 Junior World Winner 08 RV Opal BOS with CAC in Norway.

This is Opals 2nd Norwegian CAC, so one more to go Ulrika :-)

BIG congratulations


25 April 2009

New champion from the Luku x Fanny litter at Malozi in Finland

FINCH Malozi Jamanda "Sera".

This is the 6th J-pup out of 7 who has gain their champion title.

Congratulations to breeder Tuija and owner Tiina


23 April 2009

The litter has now been registred with the Danish Kennel Club.

Their names are:

Boy - Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Ahsan (named after Ahsante)

Girl - Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's Gazella (a gazelle)

Girl 2 - Kinyemi At Awesome Valley's G'Anaya (Anaya means "look up to god")

Have used part of Athena & Awesome names.

At = Athena

Awesome = dads name

Valley's = From the Spring Valley's name, Athenas breeder in the US.


21 April 2009

Pups 4 weeks now. Weight 3740-3985 g. Not that interested in real food, but why

should they. Mums cream is the best, and there is plenty :-)

Girl 1 - G'Ahsan - Girl 2


G'Ahsan - girl 1 - girl 2


Daddies girl .... (girl 1)


Mummies girl (girl 2)

Our big sweet boy G'Ahsan


14 April 2009

Pups 3 weeks old today and real food for the first time - click here

Girl 1


Happy 10th birthday to the A-litter

Buksie, Kanzi, Frodo, A'Jabari, Zuza & A'Xola

May we have the joy of your company many years ahead.


12 April 2009

Pups now 19 days old and out of the box for the first time.

Still growing fast. Weight between 2,7 - 2,8 kg

G'Ahsan and girl 1 and 2, who will be Gazella & G'Anaya or vv


06 April 2009

Pups 13 days old

girl 1 - G'Ahsan - girl 2


05 April 2009

Happy 1st birthday to Lukus kids at kennel Ghali, Sweden

Thank you for a nice day together

Brunette, Mum Asla, Blue Bell (Safir), Bartess (Sighsten), Bontell (Saros) & Belamie (Milli). Baronesse was missing.



Congratulations to Marilin & Håkan in Sweden

Their boy Kinyemi Koka E'Kiboko Yao "Elvis"

X-rayed on hips and elbows with A/0 result



Sweet Kinyemi Koka E'Zakiya "Medea"


04 April 2009

The pups started to walk slowly yesterday 10 days old.

Our boy G'Ahsan opened his eyes a little bit. The girls

are doing the same today.

Enjoy 2 little videos of the 3 musketeers .

03 Apr - Pups are eating, Athena is enjoying having them out on the madres - click here

04 Apr - G'Ahsan & girl no.1 are trying to walk - click here


02 April 2009

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

BIS 3 veteran at the Intl. show in Luxembourg 29 March 09

His son Multi Ch. Tusani Cool Bakari EXC 3/12 in Ch. Class. Breed entry 102.

Congratulations to Netti & Poul.


31 March 2009

Girl 2.

Puppies 1 week old today. More pictures click here


28 March 2009

Pups are growing. 4 days old and 850-955 g

Sweet G'Ahsan


24 March 2009

G litter is here

 1 male & 2 females, all correct, no DS or kink.

Everything went well with the delivery. Good size between 545 - 623 g.

More pictures click here



21 March 2009

Highlights from the grandkids ... This time Luku kids:

Riga International all breed show:

LTW-08, TK1, TK2 Malozi Jumoke "Jumo"

BOB, CAC, CACIB, Latvian Winner 09, New LV and Baltic champion

 AND GROUP 1 - cant stay for BIS today due no ferry back to Finland :-(

Jumo and Noora at World winner circuit 2008


Malmoe International all breed show and Swedish winner show:

Best junior bitch 2 with CK in a line up of 19 junior bitches

Ghali Golden BlueBell "Safir"

 Safir & Helene in Malmoe

Congratulations to owners and breeders


20 March 2009

Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi "Kibo"

HD: A  - ED: 0 -  OCD: free

Congratulations to Kibos owners Svend Erik & Anette

This is the 4th pup x-rayed from the Luku x Athena litter with A/0

Kibo pictured August 2008,  15 months old taking 2 x CAC  and 1 x BOS at the Danish Speciality week-end.


19 March 2009

Kinyemi Koka E'Zakiya "Medea" enjoying a sunny spot


16 March 2009

At the DKK unofficial all breed show in Stepping 15/3:


Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

Buksie - not bad for a "young" dog age 10 :-)))


Buksies son Multi Ch. Tusani Cool Bakari BIS champion

and Bakaris little daughter Linnemann Biya BIS baby.

Well done for the 3 generations!

Lukus daughter Malozi Jamani BOS.

Congratulations to owners and breeders


10 March 2009

Thank you for keeping me updated about the grandkids .. This time Luku kids.


08 Mar 09: International all breed show Poitiers, France

Ch. Malozi Jamboni "Kani" BOB with CAC & CACIB and BIG2

Kani and mum Ilse


07 Mar09:  Puppy show in Sweden

BOS puppy (12 ridgeback entered): Ghali Golden Brunette

Ghali Golden Bartess "Sighsten" 2nd best male puppy



22 Feb 09:  Puppy show in Hassleholm, Sweden

BOB puppy (13 ridgeback entered): Ghali Golden Belamie "Millie" (didnt stay for the BIS finals)

Ghali Golden Bluebell "Safir" 2nd best bitch puppy

Ghali Golden Bontell "Saros" 2nd best male puppy



Some wonderful pictures of Anzikas brother Askari taken the other day.

Both in fantastic shape for some 13 year old.

© Marianne Kørping.


07 March 2009

Nia will be mated in August. More info on the sire soon.

Nia at  DKK's Intl all breed show in Fredericia FEB09- excellent 3 after a long showbreak of 2,5 years

Nia babyface :-)

Nias long and beautiful ridge. All the 9 puppies from Nia litter have long ridges

(sorry there is a fly on the picture ..)


03 March 2009




Miki mus pictured 03. March 2009

We wish that sister Ahsante who left us on 22. September 2008 would have been here too. We miss you!

Congratulations to brother Askari too. Anzika & Askari are the last 2 from the Zumeli's A-litter

Anzika waiting to get her birthday cake

Anzika also received birthday card from her son Buksie and grandson Bakari

 and their humans Netti & Poul

Also a happy birthday to Bakari who is celebarting his 3rd birthday today.






27 February 2009

3rd puppy from our Luku x Athena litter x-rayed on hips and elbows

with super result:

Kinyemi Luka F'Iona HD: A  ED: 0

Congratulations to Fionas owners Michael & Henriette


20 February 2009

Athena has been confirmed in whelp by ultrasound today :-)


15 February 2009

DKK International all breed show in Fredericia.

Judge Morgen Sloth-Hansen. Breed entry 47.

Excellent 2 in Ch. class bitches:  DKCH Kushika Tanami Moya

Excellent 4 in Ch. class bitches: DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia

Excellent 3 in open class bitches: Ikunga Akua Najah Nnenia (shown for the first time in 2.5 years)

Excellent 2 in intermediate class males: Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi

Best veteran and BM 3: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi



Buksies son Ch. Tusani Cool Bakari Best male & BOS

Kimbas son Ikunga Farai By Lex best junior male and BM 4

Kimbas daugther Ikunga Freya By Lex best junior bitch and BB 3

& Ikunga Kianga By Lex VG 2 junior bitch

Lukus daugther Malozi Jamani Excellent 4 in open class bitches.

In Germany Lukus son Malozi Jamboni "Kani" placed 2nd in Ch. class males with CAC

(one more to go for the German Ch. title ..)

Congratulations to all.

Pictures to follow.


13 February 2009

The Danish Kennel Club have announced the

RR breed winner 2008.

The title gives to one dog from each breed who has won the

most DKK show during the year.

The 2008 winner has won this title twice before, but what makes this win

very special is that he will soon turn 10 years of age!! - way to go "Buksie"


DKK breed winner 2008



DKKV04-05-08 DKJUBV07 EUVW08 VDH-Esg.02 Dt.Bsg.01 BISS03

 Kinyemi Anzi A’Bhubesi

Congratulations to owners Netti & Poul


12 February 2009

Another pup from our F-litter has succesfully been hips and elbow scored:

Kinyemi Luka F'Unika "Luka"

HD: A ED: 0

Congratulations to Lukas owners Lis & Benny


05 February 2009

Lukus son Multi Ch. Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" attended Champions of Champions in Finland

for the top 100 most winning dogs.

Enjoy owner Noora & Jumo together on the catwalk.

Thank you Noora for keeping me updated!

Jumos breeder Tuija, Paivi (owner of Jumos mother) and Noora


01 February 2009

Happy 7th birthday Gabon

Gabon summer 2008



21 January 2009

Happy 6th birthday to the C-litter



17 January 2009

E-litter get together.Thank you for attending!. We had a wonderful time,and ate some great food.

They were too lively and just wanted to play, so this was the best picture :-). More pictures to come.


12 January 2009

Beautiful Kimba - Kinyemi Fora C'Ikunga


10 January 2009



At the Danish RR Club show, Moya went best open bitch,

Best bitch and BOS under breederjudge Martin Klopsch, Germany.

Breed entry 43.

Thank you Matt & Diane for this wonderful girl



Moyas critique: " Anatomichly perfect build up.

Good size and length, Feminin head, correct proportions,

correct earcarriage and set on, correct sissorbite, excellent neck and topline, ridge very good,

excellent angulations front and rear, visible forecheast, very good deepth, compact and closed feet,

excellent movement with good drive, free and active"


Buksie son BOB: Multi Ch. Tusani Cool Bakari & BOS DKCh Kushika Tanami Moya

Best veteran dog & BM 3: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

EXC 2 in intermediate class: Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi

VG 2 in Ch. class: DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia

VG unplaced in open class bitches: Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya

VG unplaced in open class bitches: Kinyemi Chaki D'Jasiri

EXC 3 in open class: Lukus daugther from Finland Malozi Jamani

Breedersclasss 2 with HP: KINYEMI with Kibo, E'Kimya & Siri (3 combinations.)



More pictures taken by Svend Erik Larsen can be found here - CLICK

If you use a picture, please remember to write the photograhers name. 


05 + 06 January 2009

Great showresults for the grandkids in Gothenburg

Lukus kids (C'Huluku): Ghali Golden Bartess "Sighsten" BOB puppy both days


Sister Ghali Golden Brunette 3rd and 2nd best puppy bitch with HP.


RV Orlando "Viggo" BM 4 on day 2.

Kimbas daughter (C'Ikunga): Best junior bitch with CK on day 1 -  Ikunga Kibibi by Lex.

Kibibi with grandma' Tina

Congratulations to breeders and owners!


04 January 2009

Moyas dad

Bartress Wild Triumph "Buzz"

is now Australien GRAND champion.

Buzz & Moya

Buzz was semi-retired but took 2 x BOB over the week-end

and took the GRAND Ch. title.

Congratulation to Buzz' owner

Darren & Trish Stebbings


Wonderful winter pictures

Zumeli's Anzika almost 13 years old - mother to Zuza and grandmother to Nabila


Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Zuza "Zuza" almost 10 years old.