NEWS 2007



The Danish RR-club have announced the winning dogs of the year 2006/2007,

and we are proud to present the following Kinyemi bred or owned RR:


Dog of the year (BOB) - Best champion dog - best senior dog : Multi Champion Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi


Bitch of the year (BOS) - Best champion bitch: Our new mum DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia


Best intermediate bitch (and best bitch 2) : Kushika Tanami Moya


Best baby/puppy bitch (shared) : Kinyemi Chaki D'Afikiana


Best senior bitch: DKCH KLBCH KBHV02 Kinyemi Anzi A'Zuza


Best veteran bitch (and best bitch 6) : Zumeli's Anzika


31. Dec.

The sun is going down for the last time in 2007.




24. Dec.

C'Hamu & E'Nabila came for a visit. To grey outside for a photoshoot.

Sweet "Nabila" enjoying a warm blanket indoor


Kinyemi Chaki D'Jema Santas little helper

Another little helper .. Kinyemi Luka F'Unika


16. Dec.

BOTH gorgeous showquality liver girls at Kennel Ikunga, DK have found

a new family.  

Check Ikungas website for more information on litter and dam Kinyemi Fora C'Ikunga - click here

Or the puppies beautiful sire Multi Ch. Emoyenis Grand Zuberi  - click here

Stacked pictures of the puppies only 3,5 weeks old - click here

One of the liver girls Ms. yellow aka "Aisha"


08-09 Dec.

Super show week-end for the Luku kids ...

At Helsinki winner Malozi Jasirika "Musca" BB3 with CAC - breed entry 63

In Latvia Harjaselän Oliivi "Nessa" - BOB with CAC & BIS5. Entry ?

Congratulations to Tuija & Paivi and Sanna & Kadri


5 Dec.

Belated news from 25/11. At Finnish RR clubs open show:

BOS and best gaited RR Lukus son: TK1 TK2 Malozi Jumoke "Jumo"

Breed entry 41. Judge Juha Putkonen. FI

03 Dec.

Gabons stunning daugther

Austrian Junior Champion Aisha Kumusha

CAC holder at Intl. show in Austria 2/12

Congratulations to breeder owner Markus!

Thank you Elisabeth Hammerscmid for the lovely pictures.


01 Dec.

Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi "Kibo"

BOB puppy at Danish RR clubs Christmas show.

KINYEMI best breeder group with HP

(with Buksie - Zuza - E'Kimya - Shango)

Breed entry 52. Judge Petra Stracke, DE


Kibo 3 months old in September 2007


 Multi. Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi EXC 1 in Ch. class & Best senior


DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia EXC in Ch. class


DKCH KLBCH KBHV02 Kinyemi Anzi A'Zuza VG in Ch. class (due foot injury)


Kinyemi Koka E'Shango EXC 2 with HP in youth class

(so proud of owner Charlotte who was in the ring with Shango for the first time)


Kinyemi Luka F'Abiola Promising in puppy class


Kinyemi Luka F'Unika Promising in puppy class


Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya VG in youth class


Zumeli's Anzika EXC 1 with CK in veteran class (nearly 12 years old !!)


Lukus daugther Malozi Jamani EXC 2 in intermediate class


28 Nov.

Some belated news ...

HUGE congratulations to Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

and his owners Poul & Netti

For "Buksies" BIS veteran x 2 !!!

10-11 November at the Intl & Nat. All breed show

 in Stuttgart, Germany


18 Nov.

At the International show in Jyvaskyla, Finland

Lukus son Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" was BM 2 with his 7th CAC and

3rd CACIB, 17 months old.  Breed entry 22. Congratulations Noora & Tuija

Beautiful Jumo


17 Nov.

Thank you to the F-families for attending our puppy get together today


14 Nov.

Wonderful winter picture of C'Hamu & E'Nabila

Thank you Trine!

11 Nov.

Great show results for the Luku kids from Rex Ventors

Check the site for update - click here


08 Nov.

Lukus son Malozi Jamboni "Kani"

free on hips, elbows and shoulders HD: A ED: 0 OCD: 0

Congratulations to owner Ilse and breeder Tuija


04 Nov.

  Happy 6th birthday to the B-litter


03 Nov.

Att DKK't Intl. show in Herning:

 Moya was again one placement from the final CAC, going open 2 and BB 4.

Athena 3rd in Ch. Class bitches , and Buksie best Ch. male and BM3.

Lukus daugther Jamani placed 2nd in intermediate class.

29 Oct.

Congratulations to Kinyemi Fora C'Ikunga "Kimba" and her owners John & Trine

at kennel Ikunga, Denmark with the arrival of 9 healthy babies.

4 males & 5 females, where 2/2 are liver.

So far no DS or kink found.

Had the pleasure of being midwife again on Kimbas 2nd litter, and she did as beautiful as

the first time - 9 puppies in 5 1/2 hours.



28 Oct.

Congratulations to Lukus Finnish kids

At Intl. show in Lathi - breed entry 37 (only 3/9 EXC awarded!)

BOS with CAC & CACIB Malozi Jasirika "Musca" - BM3 with CACIB Malozi Jumoke "Jumo

Congratulations to Breeder/owner Tuija and owner Paivi & Noora



25 Oct.

Kinyemi Luka F'Askofu "Shango" doing ringpractice with mum for next show


From Moyas mum Kierra (and human mum Diane) from downunder


21 Oct.

"Lani" BIS 2 today in Halmstad. A total of 56 BOB puppies in the final line up.

Well done (again ..) Jazmine & Lani

20 Oct.

Luksus Swedish daughter Rex Ventors Okalani "Lani"


At FIRST puppy show in Hassleholm. Breed entry 6. Total puppy entry 340.

Congratulations Veronica & Jazmine

"Lani" 5 months

Brother Rex Ventors Octane "Diesel"

BOB - BIG  (didnt stay for BIS final)

At his first puppy show 11. October

"Diesel" 5 months





08 Oct.

 Club show with breeder judge Mrs. Toni Agnew, UK. Entry 37 (12 babies)

It was time for the debut for the Luku x Athena F-puppies

BOB baby Kinyemi Luka F'Abiola - BOS baby Kinyemi Luka F'Utenzi


F'Utenzi - "Kibo"

Kinyemi Luka F'Askofu placed 2nd in baby males and Kinyemi Luka F'Uthendo as 4th


Buksie placed as BM2, Moya BB2 (soooooo close to the final CAC ..), Athena BB4

 Anzika soon 12 years first in veteran class with CK !

D'Tau EXC 1/2 in junior dogs with HP

E'Kimya EXC 1/3 with CK in junior bitches

D'Jasiri EXC 3/3 also in junior bitches

C'Hakika EXC 3/3 in CH. bitches

KINYEMI best breeder group with HP


Trying to catch up with some news from the Luku kids abroad:

02 sep.  Harjaselän Osuuskauppias "Osku" took part in lure coursing competition in Finland. He won the trial with points 446.


15 sep. Malozi Jamboni excellent 1 with CAC (out of 12) in Czech rep. by breeder judge Alica Mohr Hanna, US

 Malozi Jamboni - "Kani" - Copyright: Milada Krchnava

16 sep - Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" BM2 with Re-Cac at show in Finland

24 sep Harjaselän Oliivi "Nessa" came back clear on hips and elbows: A/B & 0/0

29 sep. Harjaselän Originaali "Leo" BH, TK1, JK1 took home a new title in first try - a tracking title, the TK1 title!



27 Sep.

Kinyemi Koka E'Zakiya "Medea" came back clear on hips and elbows HD: B/A and ED:0

Congratulation Mette


07 Sep.

News from the Luku kids abroad

The supersiblings have done it again ... 16 months old Malozi Jumoke, TK1, TK2 "Jumo" has gained his third and final 1st prize 

in TK2 obedience trial (LP2 in DK) & sister Malozi Jasirika, TK1  "Musca" her first 1st prize in TK2 (LP2 in DK)

Congratulations to very a proud breeder Tuija & handler/owners Noora & Paivi


01 Sep.


31 Aug.

Happy 2nd birthday Nia-baby


21 Aug.



17 Aug.

Two very special ladies

Anzika & Ahsante, 11.5 years old



14 Aug.

Lukus gorgeous son RV Octane "Diesel" 11 weeks old.


Show news home and abroad:

- 11. August - DKK Intl. show in Vejen. Judge Elina Haapaniemi, Finland. Breed entry 39


BOB & BIS 4 senior, Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi


 Best Ch. class bitches (10 weeks after birth!), DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia


VG open class bicthes  (super critique, but judge wants a better show mood ????) Kushika Tanami Moya


 BOB veteran , Zumeli's Anzika (11,5 years)



  - 11. August - Natl. show in Joensuu. Judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland. Breed entry 20.


Lukus son Malozi Jumoke BOS from intermediate class with his 5th CAC.

- 12. August - DKK Intl. show in Vejen. Judge De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium. Breed entry 35.


BM 2, Best Ch. males, Best senior,  Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi


BB 4, Best Ch. bitches (10 weeks after birth) DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia


EXC 2 open class, BB 2 with RE-CACIB Kushika Tanami Moya


BOB veteran, Zumeli's Anzika (11,5 years)


VG in junior class males, Kinyemi Koka E'Zari (judge said he needs to be filled out in body)

Judge said openly in BB class that Anzika had the best front of all ridgebacks that day!. We didnt stay for the finals.

- 12. August - Intl. show in Joensuu. Judge Esko Nummejarvi. Breed entry 21.


Lukus son Malozi Jamboni (From Netherlands) BOS from junior class with CAC.


Lukus son Malozi Jumoke BM2 with CACIB

 - Congratulations to Haakan & Tina for BOS & BOB placement to Buksie daugther

Vereus Qoyas Jura both days in Vejen

Pictures to follow shortly.


10 Aug.

Who is enjoying it the most :-)

Luku aka Kinyemi Luka F'Unika with dad Benny


08 Aug.

Kinyemi Luka F'Aminah aka "Blixa" enjoying her new urban life with Jennie & Daniel


9 weeks old Kinyemi Luka F'Askofu aka "Shango"


02 Aug.

Lukus stunning 10 weeks old daugther

Rex Ventors Okalani

Thank you Jazmine for the picture!.


28 Jul.

Bon voyage to the F-litter

All puppies have now left with their new families


25 Jul.

A bunch of tired puppies after 2 busy days with puppytest & Vet. check.


21 Jul.

Dining outside - 7 weeks old


19 Jul.

The latest addition to the Rex Ventors clan - Lukus daughter

  RV Okalani

8 weeks old



Ms. Red and her lion friend



17 Jul.

Lukus daughter Malozi Jamanda "Sera"


15 Jul.

Ms. Black enjoying Emilys tummy


14 Jul.

Open house and Bar-BQ for the F-litter families

27 adults and 9 kids, incl. dad Luku and his family.

Thanks you for a nice day! - more pictures to come.




News from the Luku kids abroad

Another obedience title for one of the Luku kids.

This time Harjaselän Originaali "Leo" & owner Lotta

 received the 3rd first prize for the LP1 title (TK1 in Finland)

Congratulations and well done!



11 Jul.

First stacked pictures of the F-litter 5 weeks old.

Here Mr. Green/pink



11 Jul.

News from the Luku kids abroad

At an Intl. show in Luige, Estonia on 7. July

Harjaselän Ottopoika "Otto" & Harjaselän Oliivi "Nessa "

Received their 3rd and final Junior CAC for the Junior Champion titles

Congratulations and well done all of you!


07 Jul.

Open house with lots of kids to play with the puppies.

5 weeks old.


07 Jul.

News from the Luku kids abroad

Harjaselän Oljenkorsi "Zico" BOB with first CAC at group show in Kauhajoki

Well done Sanna & Zico!


06 Jul.

Out for the first time


05 Jul.

News from the Luku kids abroad

On 30. June at Parnu Intl show (Estonia). Judge Helge Lie, Norway

Harjaselän Ottopoika "Otto" - JUN EXC1, JUN-BOB, JUN-CAC & BM3
 Harjaselän Oliivi "Nessa " - JUN EXC1, JUN-BOS, JUN-CAC & BB3



04 Jul.

Mr. Green with his new toy


01 Jul.

Kinyemi Fora C'Hakika new Danish Champion !

At DKK's Nat. all breed show in Rønne

BOB: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi & BOS and new DKCH Kinyemi Fora C'Hakika

Breed entry 21. Judge: Edwina Thomas. South Africa

Kushika Tanami Moya EXC 2 with CK in open class Bitches after C'Hakika & Best bitch 3

Kinyemi Fora C'Ikunga EXC 3 in open class bitches

Kiana & My both VG.  Kiana due to black hair in the coat.

My due to inmaturity (10 months old AND in junior class, what does she except ?)

Judge was extremely strict on ridges. Ridges we consider long was given VG.

Slightly offset was given VG.

Lots of VG given. Few EXC and very few CK's


30 Jun.

4 weeks old. More pictures to come


26 Jun.

News from the Luku kids abroad:

On 24. June at the International show in Rovaniemi, Finland

Harjaselän Orginaali "Leo" was BOB with CAC from junior class males.


26 Jun.

Mr. Green/pink & Mr. Lilla playing


25 Jun.

"Real" doggie food for the first time


24 Jun.

News from the Luku kids abroad:

Our Wonderboy ..Malozi Jamboni "Kani" from The Netherlands

has done it again  (last week-end BOB in The Netherlands)

At an Intl. show in Belgium Kani was (from junior class, 14 months old)

Best of breed

Best in group

Best in show 8 (they place 1-10)

.. and qualified to Cruft 2008 (like his sister Jasirika in Finland)

Congratulations to the super team Ilse & Kani


24 Jun.

Ms. Pink aka F'Aminah (no I am not a shar pei ..)


22 Jun.

Update on DKK's Intl show in Ballerup:

Bitch certificate goes to: Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya !!

This due to BB should have shown in Ch. class as already

DKCH (which the owner didnt know)

Congratulation to Caroline & "My"


22 Jun.

Paji & Athena enjoying the sun


19 Jun.

Lukus stunning son - New Dutch Junior Champion

Malozi Jamboni "Kani"


18 Jun.

11 fat little puppies - 18 days old


17 Jun.

Emily with her new best friend :-)



News from the Luku kids abroad ..

The Netherlands: Malozi Jamboni BOB from junior class males with his 3rd and final JCAC for the

Dutch Junior champion title AND .... adult CAC (his 4th) AND BIG 4

Malozi Jamboni & Malozi Jumoke

Finland: Malozi Jumoke EXC 1/5 in junior class males and BM2 with Re-CAC




16 Jun.

Highlights from The DKK Intl. all breed show in Ballerup

EXC 1 with CK in junior class bitches AND BB 2 with CAC

, incl best Danish bitch  (just 9 months old)

Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya

(3 Gambo daugthers as BB 1-2-3

Jamie , E'Kimya and Jina)


EXC unplaced with CK in open class bitches: Kushika Tanami Moya

Best champion dog and BM 2 and best senior dog: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A-Bhubesi "Buksie"

VG to Kiana due black hair in the coat (super critique otherwise)

Buksie son Bakari BOB



15 Jun.

I am a big LION dog - waaaaww

(more headshots of the rest of the gang tomorrow)

Mr. Turquis


11 June - New headshots of the puppies - click here

Mr. green/pink 11 days old

Many of the puppies have started opening their eyes


9-10 June

Moya & Nada attended the Danish RR clubs

trackingcourse (blood/schweiss)


10 June : 

From Lukus Finnish kids:

All breed show

Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" BOB from junior class and CAC (his 4th)

Tuija & Jumo

Harjaselän Oppipoika "Aki" BM2 with Re-CAC

Malozi Jasiriki "Musca" BB3 with Re-CAC.

Musca also gained her 3rd first prize in obedience, and the title TK1 (LP1)



09 June : 

C'Hakika enjoying her daugther D'Jasiris company


 08 June : 


News from Lukus Finnish kids:

Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" & Malozi Jasirika "Musca" have done it again ..

Jumo second 1st prize in obedience class 2 - one more for the TK2 title (equivalant to LP2) just 14 months old

Musca BOB junior and Estonian Junior Winner 07 in Tallinn which

qualifies her for CRUFT 2008

Jumo & Musca BIS4 brace

Congratulations to you all

 06 June : 

Some puppies have already doubled their birthweight


 05 June : 

Now we start looking like real dogs - much bigger ...


 02 June : 

Athena and puppies are doing well, and we have had some sleep.

Out of the 11 puppies we have 1/1 ridgeless and 1 poss DS. Rest looks ok.


 01 June : 

F-puppies are here!

6 males & 5 females

2/3 are liver!

 It was a very easy delivery. First 6 puppies came within 1.10 hours, so we were quite busy.

Havent slept for 48 hours. More information and pictures to come after some sleep!!


 30 May : 

Athena day 61.

Temp. dropped below 37 so delivery expected within the next 24 hours


 29 May : 

Athena day 60



 24 May : 

Athena one more week to go ..


 23 May : 

Lukus puppies at Rex Ventors kennel in Sweden born

Congratulations Veronica & Iyliez with

this fantastic result!

12 puppies - 6 boys & 6 girls whereas 2/1 are livernosed.

10 with showridges !!

1 ridgeless boy & 1 offset girl. One boy with a small kink

No DS found so far.

Iyliez with newborn babies



25 June 1995 - 21 May 2007

A true gentleman has left for the rainbowbridge

Multi Ch. Aakemba King Astor Gi'Fumo

Astor has made a remarkable pawprint in the RR-world and especially for Anders & I as

Astor was the sire of our very talented A-litter.

We are so happy to have met you and you will be deeply missed.

Our thoughts are with Astors "mum & dad" Margareta & Lars-Gunnar

Rest in peace sweet boy!


 22 May : 

Sweet D'Zuri - "Luffe"


 20 May : 

Telephone report from Finnish Speciality - breed entry 56. Judge Paolo Dondina, IT

Great result for the Luku kids:

Malozi Jumoka "Jumo" EXC1  junior males (entry 12) and BM4 with his 3rd CAC

Malozi Jasirika "Musca" EXC1 junior bitches (entry 12) and BB2 with ReCAC

Musca then placed as BOB junior and later BIS 2 junior

(speciality held together with Helsinki show)


.. on top Malozi Juburu new Lithuanian & Lativan junior champion...

Tuija & Musca


Sweet D'Jumu enjoyng spring


 19 May : 

Athena 6 kgs. heavier - approx 11 days left before delivery

(sorry for the quality of picture)


Kinyemi Chaki D'Jaziba with whippet sisters Cirkeline and Leone


 17 May : 

FDA hunting club show in Stepping

Judge Kresten Scheel, DK. Breed entry 37


BOB & BIS senior - Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi


Best veteran, Best bitch 3 !! and BIS 3 veteran Zumeli's Anzika


Promising in puppy class Kinyemi Koka E'Zari


Lukus daughter Malozi Jamani best junior bitch with honoury prize


EXC unplaced in open class bitches Kinyemi Fora C'Hakika & Kushika Tanami Moya

From Lukus kids in Finland


BOS with his 2nd CAC from junior class Malozi Jumoke "Jumo"


BB 2 with her first CAC from junior class AND at her first show Malozi Jazua


 13 May : 


MOYA Best bitch with CAC and BOS !!

DKK's National all breed show in Århus

Judge Poul Ørnemark, DK

BOB & BIG4 Buksies son Tusani Cool Bakari - BOS Kushika Tanami Moya

Other KINYEMI results


Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi BM2 - best champion dog and best senior + BIS 2 senior


Kinyemi Chaki D'Afikiana won junior class bitches with HP


Luku daughter Malozi Jamani placed 2nd in junior class bitches


Kinyemi Fora C'Hakika EXC but unplaced in open class bitches




Kinyemi Koka E'Zari BOB puppy

E'Zari & Marianne

Nada & Kiana

  Happy 1st birthday to the D-litter


 12 May : 

** Newsflash**

 ... from Lukus kids in Finland

At Oulu International all breed show in Finland

BOB with CAC (his second) from juniorclass (?) males

Harjaselän Osuuskauppias "Osku"




VG1 junior bitch Malozi Jamanda "Sera"

** Newsflash **

Our 2 Swedish boys "Elvis" & "E'Kifu" have attended

their first show, placing 2nd and 3rd in puppy class.

E'Kifu 8.5 months old

Elvis and dad Håkan


09 May : 

Sweet Medea - Kinyemi Koka E'Zakiya


 05/06 May : 

Great show results for Buksies & Lukus kids


Tusani Cool Bakari (Buksie) - European Junior Winner 2007 in Germany and BOS (120 + entries)

which gives him the titles German Junior champion & German junior club champion


Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" (Luku) EXC 1 junior males and BM 4 in Finland


Harjaselän Oljenkorsi "Zico" (Luku) EXC 2 junior males in Finland


Malozi Jasirika "Musca"  (Luku) EXC 1 junior bitches and BB 2 with first CAC !!!! in Finland







 01 May : 

Athena had an ultrasound done today and she is in whelp!

Beautiful Luku - soon to be the father of our F-litter - ©Ulf & Helene Jonsson


28 April : 

DKK's Intl. All breed show in Hillerød.

Breed entry 43. Judge A. Garach Domech, ES

Kinyemi Fora C'Hakika BOS with CAC & CACIB +

invitation to Cruft 2008

BOS Kinyemi Fora C'hakika & BOB Ch. Emoyenis Grand Zuberi


Other KINYEMI results:

 ** Very promising2 in puppy class males - Kinyemi Koka E'Shango**

(no ringpratice for dog or owner before)

** Very promising1 and BOS puppy - Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya **

** EXC1 in Ch class males and best senior - Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi **

 ** EXC unplaced in open class males - Kinyemi Fora C'Huluku **

** EXC1 in Ch. class bitches - Ch. Spring Valley's Athena Olympia **

** EXC3 with HP in junior class bitches - Kinyemi Chaki D'Afikiana **

** EXC unplaced - Kushika Tanami Moya **


News on C'Hulukus kids (via telephone)

** BOS & CAC in Latvia - Malozi Juburu **


Lahti Intl. show in Finland

Breed entry 36. Judge Hans Lehtinen

** EXC1 & BM3 (with res. CAC )from junior class males (10 entries) - Malozi Jumoke **

** EXC1 & BB2 (with res. CAC) from junior class (7 entries) - Harjaselan Oregano **

** EXC2 & BB3 from junior class bicthes - Malozi Jasirika **


Intl. show in Oldenburg, Germany

Judge John S-Berg, NO

EXC1 in junior class males with JCAC - Malozi Jamboni


23 April : 


Sweet Luku - click for more pictures

Thank you to Ulf & Helene Jonsson for the pictures!


19 April : 

Our 2 Swedish exports at ring practice:

Elvis & Kifu almost 8 months old


Kinyemi Koka E'Kiboko Yao "Elvis"

Kinyemi Koka E'Kifu "Kifu"

Thanks to Lex' mum Tina for sending the pictures!


15 April : 


Lukus son Juburu BOB & BIS 5 at FCI group show in Latvia.

Lukus daugther Musca another 1st prize in obedience

(one more to go for the TK1 = LP1 title)



14 April : 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our A-puppies

who are 8 years old today



13 April : 

Athena looking out for the bird food :-)


08-09 April : 


SUPER easter days for the KINYEMI family.

Sunday in Ribe at DKK's Nat. all breed show:

Anzika BIS 3 veteran, Buksie BIS 4 senior & BM 2,

Buksies son Bakari BM 3 with CAC, E'Zari Very Promising 2

in puppy class, Athena best Ch. bitch and BB 3,

Moya EXC 3 in open class bitches,

Lukus daugther Jamani won Junior and BB 4.

(BOB & BOS Buksies son and daugther Nala & Mwisho)

(breed entry 33 - 11/22)

***** From Finland at Nat. all breed show: *****

Luku son Jumo BOB & CAC from Junior class

(breed entry 11)

Musca first prize in obedience trial.

AND .. to top off easter

***** From the Netherlands at Intl. all breed show: *****

Lukus son Kani EXC 1 in junior class with JCAC (his 2nd)

and BM1 with CAC (his 2nd) & BOS !!!!

(breed entry 40)


The Luku kids from Malozi are 1 year old today 09. April

 -and what a birthday


07 April : 

The Finnish RR club have announced the winner of  LUCA cup 2006

RR puppy of the year:

C'Hulukus handsome daugther


All of his kids in Finland have done so well during their first year.

2. MALOZI JUMOKE (best male)

  3. Harjaselän Osuuskauppias (male)

4 . Malozi Jasirika (female)

5. Harjaselän Oljenkorsi (male)

7. Harjaselän Orginaali (male)




01 April : 

 NEW Luxenbourg champion !!

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

Just 2 weeks from his 8th birthday

Congratulations to Buksie, Poul & Netti


31 March/01 April : 

Luku has successfully mated Athena

The KINYEMI F-litter expected 2-3 June

(look at the happy grin on Lukus face )


24 March: 

Tampere Intl. show in Finland (entry 40) Judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe, S

Excellent showresults for C'Hulukus kids:

Junior dogs (9 entries)

1. EXC Malozi Jumoke 

2. EXC Harjaselän Oppipoika

4. EXC Harjaselän Osuuskauppias


Junior bitches (6 entries)

1. EXC Malozi Jasirika

2. EXC Harjaselän Oregano

3. VG Malozi Jamanda


Congratulation to all of you - well done !


22/23 March:

C'Huluku has successfully mated sweet Iyeliz

more infomation on the next Rex Ventor litter here


10 March:

 D-litter "get together"

Thank you all for attending, and thanks to Jette

for doing some obedience training with us.


10/11 March:

C'Hulukus son Malozi Juburu new Lithuanian Junior Winner 2007.

At two International shows in Lithuania, Juburu received 2 Junior CAC's

10 Mar: EXC 1/3 junior and BOS junior. Breed entry 17

11 Mar: EXC 1/2 junior and BOB junior. Breed entry 16

Juburu with breeder Tuija


10 March:

Gabon kids from kennel Kumusha did very well at the International

all breed show in Graz, Austria

Ayo Kumusha EXC 1 and CAC in intermediate class dogs (9 entries)

Aisha Kumusha EXC 2 and Re. CAC in intermediate class bicthes (9 entries)

Amira Kumusha EXC 5 in intermediate class bitches

Ayo & Aisha BIS 2 in pairclass !

Congratulations to proud breeder Markus!

Ayo & Markus


Finally E'Kiboko Yaos (Elvis) page has been updated with some (old) photos - click here


08 March:

E'Safina watching baby sister Flora


07 March:

Beautiful E'Nabila & C'Hamu


03/04 March:

 C'Huluku kids rules ........ :-)

Malozi Jamboni "Kani" EXC 1 in junior class with junior CAC ...

and BM 2 with CAC in Holland. Breed entry 49

and to top off the week-end

Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" in Finland

received 2 !!! 1st prizes in obedience today and the title TK1 (equavalent to LP1 here)

Jumo received his first 1st prize 3 weeks ago -  so in 3 goes, 3 1st prizes

both boys are not 11 months yet

Congratulations Ilse & Kani ................ Noora & Jumo

and well done


Noora & Jumo


03 March:


11 years young and still going strong

Zumeli's Anzika & Zumeli's Ahsante

Anzika (left) foundation bitch and mother to KINYEMI A & B litter - Ahsante (right)


20 February:

While we wait for the spring ... Nada with doggies in August 06


19 February:

DKK's Intl. show in Odense.

DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia - EXC 1 with CK in Ch. class and BB 4

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi EXC 1 with CK in Ch. class and BM 2

& BIS 4 senior

Kinyemi Chaki D'Jumu EXC 2 in junior class males

Kinyemi Chaki D'Afikiana EXC 2 in junior class bitches

Kushika Tanami Moya VG in open class - too fat according to the judge :-)

Zumeli's Anzika EXC 1 with CK in veteran class and best veteran

(we didnt stay for the finals)


11 February:

Kinyemi Chaki D'Wakuu (9 months old) & owner Anette

attented Wakuus first obedience trial

in DCH. They got 95 points out of 100 .

According to the judge they would have received max. point

 had Anette trusted Wakuu a bit more :-)

Well done both of you!

(sorry no photo yet)



10 February:


Stunning "Siri" 9 months old

Kinyemi Chaki D'Jasiri



Congratulations to C'Hulukus daugther in Estonia HARJASELÄN OLIIVI  "NESSA"

for BOB junior

and BB 2 with Junior CAC in Tallin Int. all breed show.




04 February:

Super news from Finland and one of C'Hulukus kids


"Aki" for his BOB & 1st CAC

barely12 months old


01 February:

Gabon turns 5 years old today - happy birthday big boy


30 January:

News from one of our Swedish exports - 5 months old and 27.2 kgs

Kinyemi Koka E'Kifu



28 January:

New great picture of Athena

Thank you Jette Fuglsang for the picture!


27 January:

Great showday for the Kinyemi bred & owned dogs at the Danish RR club

show. Breed entry 55. Judge Erling Kjær Pedersen, DK

BOB : Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

BOS : DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia

BB 2 with CAC  & best open class bitch: Kushika Tanami Moya

Best puppy: Kinyemi Chaki D'Afikiana

Athena & Buksie


** Best bitch 3 in open class with CK: Kinyemi Fora C'Hakika

** Very promising in baby class males: Kinyemi Koka E'Zari

** Less promising in puppy class males: Kinyemi Chaki D'Wakuu

(after his new teeth are out, he has developed an underbite :-(  )

** Best junior bitch 4 with HP : C'Hulukus Finnish daugther Malozi Jamani

** Best junior dog with CK: "Buksies son Tusani Cool Bakari



21 January:

C-litter turns 4 years today - Congratulations !!


We had E-litter "get together". Unfortunatelly the weather was so bad,

 so pictures taken outside were too dark

Here tired E'Shango


20 January:

Kinyemi Koka E'Nabila

4 months old



19 January:

C'Hulukus son in the Netherlands

Malozi Jamboni "Kani" 9.5 months old


Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" from Finland

 9.5 months old


07 January:

Kajaani Intl. all breed show:

C'Hulukus Finnish Kids did well at the first show in 2007.

Harjaselän Osuuskauppias "Osku" Best male 3 and CAC !!

Malozi Jamanda "Sera" BOB puppy


02 January:


Beautiful picture of E'Nabila & C'Hamu