NEWS 2006



27 December:

Kinyemi Fora C'Himaya


16 December:

Great news from C'Hulukus son in The Netherlands from

the last show in 2006

Malozi Jamboni - "Kani"  BOB puppy  - entry 6

Here pictured with mum Ilse.


10 December:

Kinyemi Koka E'Kifu

10 December:

Good show results from the C'Huluku kids

Malozi Juburu BOB & BIS3 puppy in Latvia

 Malozi Jumoke BOB puppy at Helsinki Winner 06 (entry 10)

Malozi Jasirika 2nd best puppy bitch

Jumoke - "Jumo"


03 December:

Kinyemi Koka E'Kiboko Yao - "Elvis"


02 December:

Danish RR-club X-mas show, entry 58, judge Gunnar Nymann DK

 - highlights:

BOB and best senior - Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

BOB baby 3.5 month old - Kinyemi Koka E'Zari (9 entries)

2nd best baby girl - Kinyemi Koka E'Kimya

BOS puppy 6 months old - Kinyemi Chaki D'Afikiana (7 entries)

2nd best puppy girl - Kinyemi Chaki D'Jasiri

Zumeli's Anzika best veretan bitch with CK

Kinyemi 2nd best breeder group with honoury prize

- sorry no pictures as camerea is not working -


In Wels, Austria Gabons daughter Austrian Junior Champion

Aisha Kuhusma EXC 1 with CAC in intermediate class



27 November:

Rex Ventors Gabon enjoying a day on the beach


22 November:

Kinyemi Koka E'Nabila - more pictures with C'Hamu here


18 November:

C'Hulukus gorgeous son from The Netherlands:

 Malozi Jamboni



15 November:  Also some good results for the Gabons kids who attended the World Winner show!

Ayo Kumusha EXC 7 (out of 24)  and pictured below

& Aisha Kumusha EXC 5 (out of 24)

Both in junior class. Congratulations breeder/owner Markus!


10 November:

News from World Winner show in Poland: EXC 1 male puppy and BOS puppy: Malozi Jumoke "Jumo"

EXC 2 bitch puppy Malozi Jasirika "Musca" (both C'Huluku kids).

"Buksies" son Bakari EXC 3 male puppy. Puppy entry 18 (9/9)

"Buksie" EXC unplaced in Champion class (entry 53!)

Kinyemi Fora C'Huluku - the proud father !


Intl show in Estonia 07 November:  Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" BOB puppy &

Malozi Jasirika "Musca" BOS puppy


08 November:

Congratulations to Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi and his owners Poul & Netti!.

The Danish Kennel Club have announced the winning dogs 2006 and "Buksie" has been awarded

5th best senior &  9th best progeny group (all breed)

"Buksie" just spotted the rabit


07 November:

Kinyemi Fora C'Huluku sire of our upcoming F-litter


04 November:

C'Hulukus son Harjaselän Originaali BOB puppy & BIG

in an all breed puppy show in Finland. RR entry 9 - 650+ puppies

sister Harjaselän Oregano BOS puppy


30 October:

C'Hamu & E'Nabila enjoying the beach


29 October: News from Finland. C'Hulukes son Malozi Jumoke

BOB puppy & BIG 3 at all breed show

Sister "Musca" BOS puppy

... And from the Netherlands: C'Hulukus son

Malozi Jamboni BOB puppy 22/10 & 2nd best puppy on 29/10





22 October:

Greetings from Kinyemi Koka E'Kifu

who lives his life on a boat

in Sweden with Jeanette & Boris


21 October:

C'Hulukus son Malozi Jumoke best puppy & BIS at match show in Finland

Puppy entry: 56 and 200 dogs in total - judge Soile Bister (authorised for RR)

Sister "Musca" placed 4th in puppy class


20 October:

Our Aussie girl turns 2 years today: HAPPY birthday Moya

Moya 5 months old


16 October:

BON VOYAGE to our E-puppies who have left home today




13 Oct: Kinyemi Koka E'Nabila

08 Oct: E-litter having dinner outside

More pictures here


05 Oct: More good news from C'Hulukus kids.

Harjaselän Oregano BIS 2 puppy at the parent club show in Finland


04 Oct: New stack pictures at 6.2 weeks here

Mr. Blue


30 Sep: C'Hulukus kids are hitting the showring in Finland

Malozi Jasirika "Musca" - BOB puppy & Group 2 - puppy entry 9.

Malozi Jumoke "Jumo" - BOS puppy

On September 17th Jumo was BOB puppy and Group 1 !


30 Sep: Ms. Golden & Tas the cat


More pictures here

09 Sep: D-litter puppy get together

More pictures here


NEWSFLASH :09. September: Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi BOB at the Austrian Club show. Breed entry 85+





Best Champion dog - best senior - AND best dog - going BOS

 AND best gaited RR ! Plus best Danish RR

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi

Best Intermediate bitch with CK and 6th best bitch

 Kushika Tanami Moya

Best Champion bitch and 4th best bitch and best senior bitch

Multi Ch. Kinyemi Anzi A'Zuza

EXC unplaced with CK in Champion class bitches

DKCH Spring Valley's Athena Olympia

5th best open class bitch with CK (entry 18)

Kinyemi Fora C'Ubia

6th best open class bitch with CK (entry 18)

 Kinyemi Fora C'Ikunga "Kimba"

EXC unplaced (with puppies 12 weeks ago)

 Kinyemi Fora C'hakika

Best veteran - and BEST RIDGE

 Zumeli's Anzika

Best Breeders class:  KINYEMI with Buksie, Zuza, C'Ubia and Kimba

Best progeny class: Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi


AND finally: BOB & BOS babies both with KINYEMI fathers:

BOB: Tusani Cool Bakari (Kinyemi Anzi A'Bhubesi)

BOS: Malozi Jamani (Kinyemi Fora C'Huluku)



07 July 2006: D-litter stacked photos at 8 weeks click here


06 July 2006



17 June 2006

7 big boys & 6 big girls - now 5 weeks old






07 May: C'hakika 11.5 kgs heavier and still 1 week to go!.


04 May: Moya 18 months old


28 April: C'Hakika with her big tummy - still 2 more weeks to go