E-LITTER "get together" in Liseleje

24. February 2008


  E'Shango - F'Abiola with Sis' E'Kimya - E'Kani - E'Zakiya (Medea) - E'Safina  
  Safina had just been in heat, but both brothers Kani & Shango didnt have a problem with inbreeding :-)

Mum Koka stayed at home as she was in heat.

 Not easy to take good pictures, due to weather and speedy RR




E'Kimya, Kani in the back and F'Abiola showing her beautiful ridge













Medea (E'Zakiya) watching Susanne getting a BIG kiss from E'Kimya













Medea (E'Zakiya)




Safina with dad Brendan and Medea (E'Zakiya)




Shango: Why cant I have puppies with my sister Safina ?




Best friends ... Kani with dad Erik




Safinas mom and little sister Lene & Flora




Sweet Safina