Batman 10 years old


Sire: DKCH Torhusets Tan Tally-Ho
Dam: Torhusets Fairfax Ella



29/11-1988 - 13/03-2001

You left us peacefully today, in your bed at home with your family and your 3 ridgebackgirls around you.

You were our first ridgeback, a good friend and companion for more than 12 years. You will always have a very special place in our hearts.

We will miss you so much Batman !

Batman lived his whole life with the thyroid almost non-function, and although the disease was kept under control with medicin, thyroidhormone and drugs, normally used by cancerpatients, against inflammation and pains, tuff to the liver and the kidneys, everyone believed him to be a walking medical miracle .In fact the vet only gave him about a year, when the disease was discovered, but bloodtest never show any problems . We have always believed, that pets should not live on drugs, but watching how good a life Batman had surely have change our minds.

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