Sire: SCH Marsabit Melikora (imp. Australia)
Dam: DKCH SCH WW94 EUW94 EUW95 PCH DCH(VDH) LP1 Kijasaman Dikimba Zuri
Born: 03 March 1996 in Denmark. Breeder: Søren Holmgaard, Kennel Zumeli's
HD-status: A2.
Weight: 30 kgs. Height: 61 cm. Color: wheaten. Full szissor bite
Ahsante has a third crown and cannot be bred, and was purchased as a pet. 


More pictures of Ahsante

Zumeli's Ahsante

03. March 1996 - 22. September 2008

After a short illness Ahsantes heart stopped

beating by its self at 06.00 on Monday morning.

She was in her favorite place - in Nadas bed under the dune

The house is empty and very quiet. Ahsante was a big "singer"

and she knew we were "easy" and the singing was always

rewarded with a treat. MANY treats every day :-). The

other dogs will not understand why the treats will not be flooding

as before - but they are not singers ...  

Sante guk guk ... Sanne banane .... Sanne snusenfis ... Sante vintervante

Thank you for the love you have given us for 12 1/2 years

You had such a special character and we

miss you so much. You will stay in our hearts forever.

Anders - Nada - Anzika - Suli - C'Ubia - Moya - Nia - Kiana

Thank you Søren & Inger for this special girl.

Sante baby

Some of the last pictures taken last week

Can still bark of the neighbours cows with the rest of the pack

With sister Anzika enjoying the sun

The sisters as babies 12 1/2 years ago